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Price List

Window Cleaning

$9.75 In&Out $6.75 Out Side Only

Window Cleaning For Standard Windows Includes The Glass Cleaned And The Frame, Sill, And Screen Wiped Down. This Price Includes most but not all types and sizes of windows.

Gutter Cleaning

$1.00 Per Linear Foot

Price Includes Debris Removal From Gutter And Downspout To Ground Level.

Soft Washing

$300 And Up

This Service Includes Soft Washing From The Gutter Line To the Ground Level Of Most Forms Of Siding Including: Vinal, Dryvit, and Stucco.

Hard Washing

$50 And Up

High Pressure Washing Of Hard Surfaces.

From Sidewalks And Driveways To Porches And Patios As Well As Retaining Walls and Chimneys.